From the Editor

Israel’s Most Precious History


The David and Solomon Puzzle
A Snapshot of 10th-Century b.c.e. Israel
Dating the United Monarchy to the 10th Century b.c.e.
Sudden Regional Collapse
Canaan’s Vanishing Temples

King David

Inscriptions Prove the ‘House of David’
King David’s Jerusalem
The Search for King David’s Palace
Is this Joab’s Tunnel?
The Chronological Debate About King David’s Palace
Ashlars and Capitals: A New Style of Monumental Architecture
Triglyphs: Another New Style of Monumental Architecture
Khirbet Qeiyafa
Keeping Kosher in Iron IIA Jerusalem (and Philistia)
A Fortress From the Time of David
A Network of Davidic Cities
Tel ‘Eton
Khirbet Al-Ra‘i
Tel Et-Tell
David’s Edomite Garrisons
Israel’s Philistine Foes
Israel’s Phoenician Friends
The Price of Wisdom

King Solomon

Solomon’s Monumental Regional Gatehouses
The Use—and Genius—of Chambered Gatehouses
Gezer’s Carbon Finally Speaks: Solomonic City After All
Solomonic Cubits
Siamun: Destroyer of Gezer, Father-in-Law of Solomon
Solomon’s Blueprint
King Solomon’s Monumental Jerusalem
Khirbet en-Nahas
Jerusalem’s Solomonic Gate Complex
INFOGRAPHIC: King Solomon’s Temple
The Ophel Pithos Inscription
Israelite Literacy in the 10th Century B.C.E.
Copper Mines of the United Monarchy
Seeking Solomon: United Monarchy on the High Seas


The Mazar Touch
Continuing the Legacy