Finding the Hittites

How a lost empire confirms biblical history

INFOGRAPHIC: The Hittite Empire

Are Biblical Hittites in Canaan Anachronistic?

Hittites in second millennium b.c.e. Anatolia there were—but Hittites in second millennium b.c.e. Canaan?

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Publishing ‘Good Tidings’
Exhibit: ‘Kingdom of David and Solomon Discovered’

A world premiere exhibit presented by the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology, from Feb. 25, 2024, to Jan. 31, 2025

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A discovery that brings to life one of the most prominent historical personalities related to King Hezekiah

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Was the book of Daniel written before or after the incredible events it claims to have prophesied?

Early City Planning in the Kingdom of Judah
What Is a Casemate Wall?
Psalms of the Fugitive

Harmonizing biblical poetry and history to understand David’s time on the run