The Mighty Music of the Hebrews

Lending an ear to one of history’s most advanced and impactful cultures

The Instruments of the Bible

The Hebrews’ rich musical culture was seen in the variety of instruments they employed.

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Our Growing Institute

An update on the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology

Returning to the Ophel: An Interview With Professor Uzi Leibner
What Is the Ophel?

It’s a commonly cited name for the area between the City of David and the Temple Mount. But what does this enigmatic word really mean?

INFOGRAPHIC: 2023 Ophel Excavations
Discovered: A Connection Between Solomon’s Jerusalem and South Arabia!

Does a new pottery reading reveal the connection between the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon?

Is This Nehemiah’s Wall?

Archaeology proves the famous biblical account of a desperate attempt to fortify the Holy City.

Sanballat: The Archenemy of Nehemiah

Twenty-five hundred years after his reign, a handful of archaeological discoveries bring this biblical governor of Samaria back to life.