‘David at Shaaraim and Ziklag’: Prof. Yosef Garfinkel Speaks at Armstrong Auditorium

The visiting Hebrew University professor addresses Armstrong College students at our campus headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma.
Prof. Garfinkel at Armstrong Auditorium

Hebrew University biblical archaeology professor Yosef Garfinkel visited the Herbert W. Armstrong College campus and Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology headquarters in Edmond, Oklahoma from November 9 through 11 while on a tour of the United States. He delivered a lecture to around 200 Armstrong College students, college faculty, Armstrong Institute staff and members of the public about his excavations in Israel and his most significant finds (one of which, at the same time, was breaking news), with a focus on Davidic-era discoveries.

Titled “David at Shaaraim and Ziklag,” Professor Garfinkel’s lecture detailed archaeological evidence he has uncovered corroborating the biblical account of the reigns of King David, his son Solomon and grandson Rehoboam, particularly from the locations of Khirbet Qeiyafa (identified as the biblical city Shaaraim), Khirbet al-Ra’i (biblical city of Ziklag), and Lachish. Following his lecture, students and faculty asked him questions about his experiences and finds.

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