Uncovering the Bible’s Buried Cities: Shiloh

Together, archaeology and biblical history tell the remarkable story of ancient Shiloh.

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Remembering Ancient Shiloh

Archaeologists are uncovering biblical Shiloh and bringing to life some of the Bible’s greatest history.

An Objective Look at Radiocarbon Dating

Carbon dating can be an extremely helpful archaeological tool. But is it the reliable, objective silver-bullet solution it is often portrayed to be?

Ancient Shiloh
Interview: Dr. Scott Stripling
New Discovery: Jerusalem Elites Were Imbibing on Vanilla-Laced Wine Before City’s Fall

Evidence of wine-soaked opulence in the city’s final moments—just as the Prophet Jeremiah described

Meet Avital—The Mazar You Might Not Have Heard About

Few could have matched the prodigious work ethic of Dr. Eilat Mazar—except, perhaps, her sister.