The Khirbet Qeiyafa Shrine Model: Insights Into Biblical Architecture

What a 3,000-year-old artifact reveals about royal Solomonic construction

From the Editor

Announcing an Exciting New Development!

A new venture will allow the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology to reach more of our friends in Israel.

A Revolutionary Carbon-Dating Study of Ancient Jerusalem

A compelling new study shows Jerusalem at the time of David and Solomon was more a bustling city than a quiet village.

Let the Homes Speak!

Analyzing the blueprint of the quintessential Israelite home reveals so much about this crucial kingdom

The Second ‘House of David’ Inscription

An interview with Prof. Michael Langlois

Face Value: Two New Coin Discoveries

What two recently discovered coins reveal about two vastly different periods in Judah

Winged Wisdom

How biblical authors used birds for some soaring symbolism

Remembering Iran’s King Cyrus

There was a time when Iran’s leaders supported the Jews and Jewish statehood.