Jerusalem Inscription Proves Link Between King Solomon and Sheba

Interview with Dr. Daniel Vainstub
Pithos Inscription from the Ophel, Jerusalem
Ouria Tadmor/Copyright: Eilat Mazar

Archaeological evidence of the famous biblical Queen of Sheba and her visit to Jerusalem during the reign of Solomon (1 Kings 10) has remained elusive. That is, up until now—thanks to a new reanalysis of the enigmatic Ophel pithos inscription, conducted by expert epigrapher Dr. Daniel Vainstub.

On today’s program, host Brent Nagtegaal interviews Dr. Vainstub about his new reading of the inscription and its connection to the biblical narrative.

Show Notes

Temple Incense From the Queen of Sheba? Reanalysis of the Ophel Pithos Inscription

Dr. Daniel Vainstub Paper, “Incense from Sheba for the Jerusalem Temple