Mapping the Land of Israel

AIBA staff make a 3D map of Israel in preparation for the upcoming ‘Kingdom of David and Solomon Discovered’ exhibit.
In progress: AIBA staff make 3D Israel map for archaeological exhibit, “Kingdom of David and Solomon Discovered.”
AIBA | Melissa Barreiro

“Kingdom of David and Solomon Discovered” will showcase nearly 50 artifacts from 10th-century b.c.e. biblical Israel. It will mark the world premiere of the Ophel Pithos Inscription and a selection of artifacts discovered by Dr. Eilat Mazar in the City of David. It will also feature other unique iron, pottery, stone and textile items discovered at archaeological sites across Israel, including Jerusalem, Timna, Lachish and Khirbet Qeiyafa. This exhibit will be held in Armstrong Auditorium (Edmond, Oklahoma) and is presented by the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology in collaboration with the Israel Antiquities Authority, Hebrew University and Israel Museum of Jerusalem. It will run from Feb. 25, 2024, to Jan. 31, 2025.

Visit our exhibit page for more information.

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