Interview: The Most Important Inscription Ever Discovered in Biblical Archaeology?

New details about the Mt. Ebal inscription
Amulet discovered from Mount Ebal altar site
Courtesy of Dr. Scott Stripling | Photo: Roi Hadi

Last week, archaeologist Dr. Scott Stripling and epigraphers Prof. Peter van der Veen and Prof. Gershon Galil released to the public a reading of what could be the most important ancient inscription ever discovered, relating to biblical archaeology. Found at Mount Ebal, in the northern highlands of biblical Samaria, the small curse tablet dates from the time period of biblical Joshua and is the oldest form of Hebrew ever discovered in Israel. In the words of Prof. Galil, “now no one can claim that the Bible was written in later periods … because they were able to write it very, very early.”

On today’s podcast, host Brent Nagtegaal talks with Dr. Stripling about the ancient inscription and how it could revolutionize our understanding of when the Bible was written.

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