Ophel Excavations: Phase 2b

During the summer of 2013, 14 Armstrong volunteers worked with Dr. Mazar on Phase 2b of the Ophel excavation from May to August. During the three-month excavation, all three areas reached First Temple period remains. A detailed synopsis of the major discoveries from all three phases of the Ophel excavations can be found in our article, “Discoveries of Eilat Mazar: The Ophel.”

Major Discovery

Gold Menorah Medallion and Treasure Trove: Dr. Mazar heralded this find as, “a once-in-a-lifetime discovery.” Just five days into phase 2b of the Ophel excavation, Dr. Mazar’s team uncovered 36 gold coins, silver and gold jewelry, and other silver and gold items. The centerpiece, a large, gold medallion and chain, bore three important Jewish symbols: a menorah, a shofar, and a torah. To learn more, read Christopher Eames’s article, “Menorah Medallion and Treasure Trove.”