Jerusalem Inscriptions From the Time of the Biblical Kings

aiba’s Christopher Eames presents the first full accounting of Jerusalem inscriptions from the Iron ii period at the distinguished “Epigraphy in Judah” conference in Jerusalem.

The Bible speaks of Jerusalem as the capital city of a united Israel. After the split in the kingdom, it remained the royal center for the southern kingdom of Judah. But is there any material evidence of such extensive royal administration?

On today’s program we present a special lecture given by aiba’s Christopher Eames, pulling together into one corpus all the archaeologically provenanced First Temple period inscriptions from Jerusalem—the quantity of which is unparalleled in any other city in ancient Judah and Israel, or even in the cities of neighboring nations. The lecture was given on May 23 at the Second International Conference of the Roger and Susan Hertog Center for the Archaeological Study of Jerusalem and Judah, which was focused on “Epigraphy in Judah.”